Baaaaahhhhhhhh this is prolly the best episode of Bleach I’ve seen in a long time…My sister totally ruined “Gin vs Aizen” for me back in December:

Anyway, while Gin is dying 😦   Ichigo arrives with long hair, and chains on one arm, so you can tell that he grew during that time he was fighting with Zangetsu.

Aizen acting all cocky says how Ichigo didnt change and prolly not worth fighting, blahblahblah, then Ichigo just interrupts him like he’s not even listening and asks to change location. Aizen continues saying he’s just going to kill him now then Ichigo charges at him and pushes his face with him as they relocate to an empty area.

Aizen can’t believe he was pushed away like that. Ichigo confidently says that he will end it in an instant. And right now I’m thinking, don’t get too cocky, we always get a lil bit of hope and then Ichigo gets beat up like a piñata.

Anyway, Ichigo dodges Aizen’s first attack. Aizen doesn’t let it affect his confidence, then they cross swords and then.. Ichigo stops Aizen’s zanpakutou with his bare hand. Aizen is shocked. Great moment.

Aizen falls back, saying it isn’t much, he’s just really powerful physically. Then, he uses a kidou that can only be more powerful than all we have ever seen combined ..and.. it FAILS!

Ichigo then goes forward, explains that the power that is destroying the surrounding landscape is actually coming from his zanpakto and that he’s actually stronger than Aizen.

Finally, we get to see Ichigo as being powerful, more than Aizen…

The preview for next episode is Ichigo’s flashback to what really happened in his inner world. I could read on with the manga since it’s ahead, but I like hearing them talk in Japanese, that way I can learn 😀







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