Quick read..Paulo Coelho

I’ve been reading this book since I bought it last Friday, I read it for about 30 minutes before I go to sleep and I’m almost done the book… Paulo Coelho’s books are a good quick read, easy to understand (well for some people), and he captures different universal ideologies…

In The Witch of Portobello, I don’t necessarily believe in all the themes but it’s interesting that these ideas strengthen my own faith in a way to avoid falling in the same belief system as the character… Gypsies & goddess religion, finding oneself, New Age spirituality, energies of the world, filling in blank spaces etc, etc.. The story is told by the main character’s encounters. Kind of like a documentary style, each person recalls their first meeting with Athena (the main character) and speak about different views of her…You get a look into people’s thoughts of Athena, and this creates a curiosity of what really goes on in Athena’s head…

The book is captivating like many of his books, and Coelho’s style of writing is always convincing. The theme of faith and his philosophies are inspiring, but not in the sense of I’m going to give up my faith & religion because his words are so powerful that I believe in them…I say inspiring because I interpret his writing and ideas to best suit me.. One of the themes in this book is finding oneself. The character tries to find her reason for existence through a trance. She dances and finds herself connecting to her spiritual self. Through her newly embraced spirituality, she prospers in her life and is able to travel extensively and learn new ways to channel her mystic side. The whole idea of finding oneself is not a new topic and Athena’s methods would not be applicable to me. As time passes, I grow older, I gain experiences, I suffer pain, I embrace happiness, I cherish love, and through all these things, I find myself..

Jumping to the topic of time:

We live in a fast-paced life, time flies quickly, and yes at times, like on Sundays, I wish time would speed up so the weekend would come. We get so caught up with the everyday tasks that we don’t realize how precious time is…

I have another Coelho book in line after this one, The Devil and Miss Prym, and I’ll be adding his newest book, once its released this year, The Aleph.


2 thoughts on “Quick read..Paulo Coelho

  1. Even though I own 4 of his books, they never appealed to me. Sure, he has a lot of inspirational themes but that’s just it. I’d want to get into the main topic from the first few chapters it self. I started reading ‘Brida’ and was frustrated because he kept repeating ‘the gift’ and I hated the fact that he gave no hint whatsoever about what it is.

    1. It’s his writing style, even with this book, he uses symbols to represent an idea BUT this idea is not clear until your towards the middle of the book…
      but not being direct and keeping the reader curious is common in any good book…
      I’ll be sure to add “Brida” to my “books-to-read” list though +_O

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