Could it be? Dan & Blair? Really?

This weeks episode of GG was great, well the most entertaining moments were of Dan & Blair. Their bickering back and forth is quite funny. I’m predicting that they will develop feelings for each other that goes beyond friendship and possible end up together. But then it wouldn’t work out..too complicated.

I don’t want to see that go further than a friendship. They’re relationship now is entertaining enough. And come on, Serena already has ruined her reputation in my book, from Dan to Nate, Nate to Dan, to both to Ben….oh come on…I don’t want to see that happen to Blair because she is my favorite character.

And Chuck, he used to be a favorite until he started losing his touch…come on Chuck get back in the game..and he was doing fine with Blair, but too bad he had to mess it up…And we just got rid of Ben’s sister, but now Ben is in the picture, and with the whole Damian thing, I think we all know where that’s going. Damian will try to mess things up for Ben, and Ben, after awhile, will confess his feelings to Serena but says he’s fed up with her lifestyle, Damian, and his petty games…Come on Damian back off, from nerd to drug dealer, you’re eyebrows kill me, make you more evil looking… +_O

I’m just looking forward to more bickering between Dan & Blair…can’t wait for next week’s episode 🙂



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