Good morning February, please don’t go away so fast. I know your the shortest month but try spending quality time with us. January was unfair and left so quickly. Be kind and stay as long as possible…

I love winter and I never want it to go away… even though I remember all the storms and blizzards I went through throughout my young life, and vaguely remember how I used to curse winter, I still *heart* winter. There’s more winter clothes to choose from, if you’re cold you just bundle up, it’s not mucky or humid, it’s always beautiful outside (even during snow storms!). Summer is hot and sticky, dressing up is a hassle, people smell bad in the elevators. Oh and how I miss snow, by now February it would have been settled in nicely. There might not be any snow here, but still love winter, the weather is perfect here.

Oh I am just dreading the thought of winter coming to an end and summer creeping around the corner. It’s only February, but come on, here it ends by March-ish … +_+



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