It’s 2011, can we have a crime-free society?

I’ve been living in the UAE for a little over 3 years now and I have a habit, like anybody else, of reading the newspapers in the morning. The majority of the time, I’m reading about crime and deaths due to reckless driving. Reckless driving is an issue all over the Khaleej, it might have been reduced here in the UAE, but it still happens. This issue still effects me, I never know what’s going to happen every time I’m on the road, but I’m more disturbed with the crimes. I mean I grew up in the West where mom and dad always tried to protect us from “bad” people, lo y5afoon mn rabhom they wouldn’t rape, steal, and commit other crimes. And now I’m here and I’m thinking “oh man, how is this supposed to be a more safer society when every morning I’m reading about the latest murder, drug-trafficking, prostitution, etc”

Here’s the first article I read this morning, courtesy of Gulf News:

“Dubai: Dubai’s highest court on Monday confirmed the death sentence against an Egyptian visitor who was convicted of premeditatedly killing his compatriot and stealing his credit card.

The Dubai Court of Cassation upheld the death sentence against 52-year-old Khalaf Hussain Khalaf Hashem.

“The jury has rejected Hashem’s appeal to reduce his punishment and confirmed the Appeal Court’s verdict,” said Presiding Judge Mohammad Nabeel Riyadh upon pronouncing yesterday’s judgment in courtroom 22.

The court upheld the capital punishment against the convict who had pleaded not guilty and claimed that the victim was still alive when he left his flat. He was convicted of the premeditated murder of H.M. and the murder was associated with the crime of theft.

Prosecutors said the defendant intentionally beat H.M. with a sharp tool on the back of his head in his flat in Al Baraha. He was also charged with stealing.”

So he murdered him to steal his credit card…


And there is always something in the news about the molestation of younger children by older men. We hear alot about that everywhere, but to think three men molested a 4 year old on a school bus, now that’s disturbing and now I know why my parents (and the schools) always protected us from strangers.

“Parents and schools can no longer remain complacent against the rampant increase in child sexual abuse cases. In 2007, the International Women’s Cultural Forum in the UAE registered 21 cases of sexual attacks. Most victims were girls under the age of 14 and many of the acts took place on school buses. More recently, in the first half of 2010 to be precise, the Dubai Foundation of Women and Children (DFWC) dealt with 65 cases of sexual abuse. Twelve victims were children, mostly girls. According to Dubai Police, 33 minors were sexually assaulted in 2010.”

I don’t know what’s going on in the world, but the things I read make me want to go back to a time where life was simple. Where my biggest concern was what ice cream to eat. Where I didn’t understand what death was. Where my favorite color changed on a monthly basis.

I can easily just stop reading all the negative things but then I’d be ignorant to what is happening around me. The crimes list goes on and on and on, its like its never-ending. It’s really frustrating that these crimes are almost becoming the norms.


Totally random, but here’s a little bit of comic relief…



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