Think positive…

How can I think positive when the people around me at work drive my sanity away. I work in a company that has never-ending work, sometimes I enjoy the fast-pace and sometimes it takes a toll on my stress level. Work is work but the people can either create a positive or negative environment. At my work there’s a mix of both, and I try to create a positive atmosphere with the way I interact with everyone. BUT now I’m like, “I think I gave them too much face”. People’s first impression of me is usually “Oh man she seems like a b*tch”…and then they realize how nice and down to earth I am. I’m nice cos I know this will help me survive during the day. BUT come on, when I’m calling you and my office is down the hall so I know you’re in your seat and can hear the phone ringing and your not answering…like seriously…and that’s not the only thing that irritates me, how bout I have to get out of my seat and walk over and ask a simple question that could have been handled via telephone if you only answered…and then there’s the ones that love throwing their tasks at other people…and they say it in a nice way, like “pretty pleaaaaase could you do this for me”, where you feel like you can’t say no even though you want to..for me they add “if you have time” like they know I’m busy but they just want to throw it at me like a dodgeball ****right in the head, there’s that migraine again****  what about the idiots that come to me to socialize, listen, I’m at work I don’t have time to hear the same story twice, if you need me for sumthin, you know my extension or better yet email me…i’m trying, i’m trying, lord knows I’m trying to think positive…I need to stop being nice to people

Work is work, sometimes you love it and sometimes you dont and that goes for people too. Best thing to do is take a break, vent a little, and eat Ben & Jerry’s +_O


Oh and I had bad drivers, they get my blood pressure up…


2 thoughts on “Think positive…

  1. screw people 😀 find things that make your work more entertaining , like imagining urself acting a scene in a movie :p hehhehe
    good luck in ur work I hope the things get better

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