10 Items or Less…

So it’s finally raining and all I want to do is cozy up in my bed and watch tv with a cup of hot chocolate.

It doesnt snow here so this is as close as its gona get… Im not a big fan of rain (here) because everything is dirty and wet outside and then you come home and its either too cold cos the a/c is on to reduce the humidity or it just feels mucky. I used to look out my window on rainy days and think to myself that the world is taking a shower. The streets look clean, the grass is being watered, and with a bit of sun, you can see a glimpse of a rainbow. But none of that happens here so I’m not a fan of rain…but i’m a fan of hot chocolate +_O

Anyway, I’m off to the store for some Aero Mint Chocolate Mix because I *heart* it and I’m not too happy with the hot chocolate made at the local Starbucks (tastes like powder).

And I’m standing in the express lane and the lady in front of me has like a billion items…

Do people not read the sign “10 items or less” or are they just being ignorant? Theres 10+ lanes, why do you feel the need to go to the shortest lane which clearly has a red sign above stating “10 items or less”?

What kills me is that the cashiers accept it and don’t say anything. I’m sorry but I would not accept ignorance like that. I’m at the express lane for a reason, expecting it to be quick, but how will it be fast if people don’t follow the rules…




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