Based on a 1968 novel, True Grit is based in 1877 in Arkansas where a 14-year old girl hires a US Marshal to track her father’s killer. I never watched the 1969 version, but the style of the movie was not what I expected. I’m a big fan of Western movies and I started watching this movie with a little bit of disappointment, however, as the movie progressed I found it very entertaining. Jeff Bridges character was very amusing and the little girl was sometimes annoying but her determination and fearlessness kept me interested. Matt Damon’s character was a little off, I couldn’t take him seriously.

It’s definitely not your average Western movie, but it was still entertaining and a good movie. I found the character below a very unusual addition to the movie… but for some reason he was there +_+ and I will surely go read the book to have a better understanding of the movie.


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