You Again!

So I just watched “You Again” starring Kristen Bell and Jamie Lee Curtis. Basically, it’s about a girl whose high school years were bullied by a popular girl at school. Years later, she goes back home for her brother’s wedding, only to find out that he is marrying the one girl who made her life miserable back then.

Turns out, Jamie Lee Curtis’ character and Sigourney Weaver, who are the mother and the aunt, respectively, also had conflicts throughout high school.

This movie highlighted two different relationships that some girls go through during high school. The popular girl who bullied the “nerd” and got everyone else to join in and the best friend who was selfish and didn’t care about her friend’s feelings. I didn’t like the bully, she was really mean, kind of reminded me of myself back in high school…

The movie had its funny movies, but it was a typical, high school chick flick. 6.5/10


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