Can’t wait for…

Lots of movies coming out next year and usually I’ll watch the trailer and forget about the movie once it actually comes out (unless its realllyyy goooood)…So lets register which movies appear to be worth your time and money…


Ok the first one stars Colin Farrell, Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris and Saoirse Ronan and it is inspired by the true story of prisoners who escaped the Soviet Gulag in 1940. Coming out in Jan 2011, looks like a good story with a great cast… worth a look….



The second is a comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Looks like its more than just a chick flick..




Third trailer does not have much talking going on, but it seems light-hearted and suitable for all ages…i love a great animation…




” Do you like scary movies?” – Actually no I don’t.

You know you grew up in the 90’s when you’ve watched all three Scream movies and started prank calling people random questions… I’d watch Scream 4 just because it might bring back some fond memories (prank calling Chinese restaurants in the middle of the night)…







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